Peace of Mind

Owning a yacht should be a carefree experience

We believe that not only owning a yacht but also the entire process from initial orientation to delivery should be a hassle-free experience.

Beyond Expectations

A DaVinci should relax you. That’s why we make sure your yacht is in perfect condition when you pick it up at the start of the season. It’s clean and tidy, the fridge is on, and both the watertank and fueltank have been filled. Needless to say, all maintenance has been taken care of. You can just do what you enjoy most: sailing.

Flawless Design

A DaVinci is true Dutch Design by Vripack. It is known for it’s excellent handling and comfort, at all speeds and all waters. Operating the yacht is very easy, which makes manoeuvring almost child’s play.

The Marina

In our Marina in Heeg we do all maintenance to the yachts. Mostly during winter, when many DaVinci’s return and stay in winter lay-up. From the Marina, we also facilitate test runs and sales. We are more than willing to help you sell your used yacht if you wish.


There’s a spark between you and the design of the DaVinci. You’re falling in love.

Test run

At our Marina in Heeg you can come see our collection and test run it. Because to experience true quality all senses must be used. Please do call in advance, to make sure we have both the time and the right DaVinci available for you.


Then we can start designing. And by we, we mean you and us. A DaVinci is a semi-custom yacht. That means that not only you can change the colours of pretty much anything, you can also largely determine the layout. And equip your DaVinci as you prefer.


In a predefined timeframe we build your yacht according to spec. During the build, we both visit the factory together, but also keep you up to date with the progress made. There’s nothing like seeing your dream become reality.


At the date agreed beforehand, we deliver your DaVinci in Heeg. A moment of joy, which calls for appropriate celebration. After that, we join you for a short maiden trip to explain everything about your yacht.