Now, this is great weekend!

From the moment you step aboard your DaVinci, you feel instant relaxation. You stow away the groceries and wines in the big fridge and you’re ready to sail. Bye bye everyday life, hello freedom!

Just cruising

Quietly cruising you set sail towards your destination. As you take your favourite position behind the wheel, your wife makes a good espresso in the kitchen.

Let's go

Boys will be boys. So, as soon as possible you open the throttle. As a result of the excellent hull (designed by Vripack Naval Architects) even at high speeds your coffee stays where it should be: in the cup.

Cast away

You spotted a great place to spend the night. As your wife easily manoeuvres the yacht, you step ashore to secure it tightly. Time to relax with a good book. Or just your iPad of course.

Red or white

Those are the kind of choices you have to make the rest of the evening. It’s time for a good glass of wine and some small snacks. All whilst enjoying your company and the sun - or the shadow of the large canopy.


It’s outdoor cooking today. The BBQ is on, and the scenery is fantastic. You find yourself surrounded by nature. Gamba’s have never tasted this good.


It’s cooling down - time to go aboard. While you’re still on deck in a nice warm sweater enjoying the sound of crickets, inside the children a reading before bedtime.

A good night's sleep

Time to sleep. The large and comfy beds make sure you’ll have a good night’s sleep. Outside, there’s just silence.

Now that is a wake up call

As always you slept like a baby on the DaVinci. Those great beds, the quiet night and the days in fresh air make the nights onboard the best of the year.

Some OJ?

Breakfast. In the well equiped kitchen making breakfast is a breeze. With a croissant, some fresh orange juice and a good cup of coffee you’re done. It’s warm already, but onder the large canopy you’re perfectly comfortable in the shadow. As the first ships sail by, you pick up your morning paper.


Time for some relaxation. The kids keep diving off the front deck, you pick up your fishing rod. An hour later, you haven’t caught a fish. But you did enjoy yourself.

Let's go

A DaVinci is fast enough for water skiing. So, why not?


Time to head back. Under a starry sky you enjoy the beauty of the lakes before it’s time for the last stretch to the harbour. The smile on your face lasts until the next day.