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      DaVinci 32S. Speedster in style.

      This is a sports convertible, much like a Porsche 911 or an Aston Martin DB9. You can feel the wind in your hair, as you cross the lake at 30 knots. The difference? The DaVinci has a luxury suite to spend the night in.

      What an experience

      The 32S is a true sportsboat. The lower windscreen enhances the experience of sailing. Without compromising the comfort that makes a DaVinci a DaVinci.

      Great handling

      The 32S handles like every DaVinci: like a dream. The vessel has been engineered for speed and comfort, but also to sail predictably at very low speeds. It makes the yacht right at home on all waters, and at all speeds.

      Playful floorplan

      With an outdoor kitchen and open seating in the back, the floorplan allows for a lot of ...

      Surprisingly spacious

      The panoramic view give the interior lightness. The smart location of the kitchen leaves a lot of space inside, even with its limited length.

      Built to be used

      The use of Permateek makes maintenance to the floors and decks almost obsolete. We also use strong and weatherproof fabrics. The result is a low-effort high-pleasure yacht.

      Attention to detail

      Our yachts are fully built in Friesland, the Netherlands. A team of specialists builds your yacht in a couple of months with the highest level of care. As a result your DaVinci will look and sail just like you dreamt.

      Van alle gemakken voorzien, genietend van het buitenleven. De DaVinci 32S, een echte head turner.

      Speedster in style. De wind door uw haar en het rijke gevoel van vrijheid. Met 30 knopen naar een goed restaurant aan de overkant van het meer, uiteraard aanmerend als een professional. De DaVinci 32S, een echte head turner.

      We take service to the next level. All that matters is that you can enjoy your yacht with true peace of mind.

      “We didn’t just choose a DaVinci for the yacht, but also for the shipyard. The whole team gives you great confidence and is very cooperative. Erik’s is a great and trustworthy person, too.”


      Some highlights of the DaVinci 32S.

      Round panoramic window in the cabin

      Beautiful walk-through in the mirror to the bathing platform

      Windshield in stainless steel

      Outdoor kitchen

      Handmade air grille for engine compartment

      Ruime zit

      DaVinci 32 S


      1. Dimensions

        9,80 x 3,00 x 0,85 mtr

      2. Engines

        Van 1 x 140 pk (19 knots ) tot - 2 x 220 pk ( 40 knots)

      3. Airdraft

        2,15 mtr

      4. Weight

        4500 kilo

      5. CE

        C (wind 6 bft – 2 mtrs waves)

      6. Berths


      7. Diesel

        500 ltrs

      8. Water

        180 ltrs

      9. Greywater

        88 ltrs

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